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Purple Table Reservations are designed for thosePurple Table reservations are designed for those who are living with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, Autism, PTSD, a hearing or vision impairment, or other physical or cognitive condition that may benefit from additional accommodations when dining out. A Purple Table Reservation transforms what could be a challenging experience for many, into a positive experience for all. Restaurants who accept Purple Table Reservations have made the commitment to provide well thought out accommodations, and have trained their staff with best practices to provide an enjoyable dining experience for all.

As a special benefit, the First 100 restaurants can use coupon code First100 at checkout for a 25% off introductory offer for as an early adopter of the Purple Table reservation program. Once your listing is approved, you will receive a custom interface where you can log in, change details, and much more! Your directory listing is controlled entirely by you.

introductory rate yearly listing tier ii (hardcopy of all training materials shipped)
$ 225 / Year
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